Another Bemused Semi-mischievous Endeavor!


Two things I have learnt about myself after almost five years of blogging; I have a soft spot for fresh starts, and I don’t mind cliché’s…at all!

As my 25th birthday approached, I knew it was about time I ended the Quarter 0f an Earthly Century project. And it didn’t feel good, to be honest, having the curtain fall on something that I had been working on for almost a year and a half especially that I still had a lot to say. But then it hit me: why don’t I take advantage of this ending and turn it into a new beginning? I love fresh starts, I love to kick off projects, I love the idea of a project so why not start a new one?

It was then a matter of finding the right project, or at least a project that felt right to me (because I’m not sure this one or the previous or this blog altogether feels right to anyone but me). I started to brainstorm ideas (mostly in my head) but none of the very few ideas that came out felt right in any sort of way until I decided to consult with my new year’s resolution list. I took the list out, started to browse through it and I found that very precious resolution gleaming at me like a long-lost treasure… “Observe!”

See, one of my very favorite activities ever is to just sit around in let’s say a café, city square or even a public park and just observe. Not in a nosy or judgmental manner I promise; but rather to marvel at this great wide beautiful wonderful world as once referred to by Mr. William Brightly Rands.

And so it was set; my new project will be nothing but documentation of my crazy observations. It might not sound very interesting or creative but I’m willing to give it a shot as it just feels right.

Which brings me to the part where I don’t mind clichés…without any ado, I decided to call this new project: “I Came. I Saw. I Blogged” in reference to Caesar’s famous line: “I Came. I Saw. I Conquered”.  It’s been used a million times in a gazillion variations ; but I already told you I’m all for clichés.

So, let’s hope this project turns out as right as it feels, or even half as right as it feels (well, I’m currently trying to work on my perfectionism).

P.S. I Came. I Saw. I Blogged has no deadline, and I won’t be dedicating my whole blogging to it as I did with the last project…just for a change!

Happy Observation, everyone!



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