II: I Came. I Saw..The First Signs of Fall

fallFriday, September 16th

I look around, and I see all those signs that Fall is just around the corner; the warm September evening breeze, cloudy afternoons, that smell in the air, stores putting Winter/Fall clothes on display, Passenger’s new album coming up, people shopping for school supplies…even people catching the interseasonal cold; the hoarseness in their voices, the red noses, the coughs and sneezes! I know you probably think I’m crazy already, a fact that was established a decade and a half ago, but this is how huge a winter person I am. I become the most active from the first of October all the way to the 31st of March, not to mention that I’m always fascinated by how beautiful, magical, graceful the world becomes as seasons change.

Marveling at how beautifully Fall-ish the air smells today, it occurs to me that it’s just amazing how we, humans, are moved by the littlest of things…how your favorite childhood song randomly playing on the radio can make your whole day, how an unexpected gentle stroke of unusually cool breeze on a July morning can put the most peaceful of smiles on your face or how a smile and a nod from a complete stranger on the street can restore your whole faith in human kindness.

And you know what the most fascinating part of that all is? It’s that it all happens involuntarily; we don’t induce it or summon it, God, we don’t even think about it! We see something beautiful, hear something kind, smell something fresh and indulging (and maybe cinnamon-y) and before we know it, we’re smiling so widely like the goofiest world-class idiots. (On a side note, this goofy world-class idiotic smile of yours is your most beautiful so please don’t lose it!)

The world is a beautiful place, or semi-beautiful or even 46.5% beautiful, still, it’s kind enough to put those small reminders our way…those small reminders that before all the hassle, all the pressure, the worrying, tossing & turning, we were just little kids who got excited at the tiniest of things, who dreamt big and smiled at strangers.

Yes, ladies & gentlemen, the world is kind enough to keenly remind us, every once in a while, that those little kids are still there somewhere deep inside all the suits and briefcases we have grown up to be. Well, it’s either the world is super kind or I’m only getting foolishly over-excited that summer is finally over and I will no longer have to be at the receiving end of anybody’s “summer vibes”!!

P.S. If you think that’s the most stupidly excited I can get, wait until it’s Pumpkin Spice latte season…you will be AMAZED!

Thank you, Providence Doucet from Canada, for taking this amazing picture and posting it on unsplash.com


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