III: I Came. I Saw…The Nightmare Before Christmas


Sunday, July 10th…The highway, around 10:50 PM

The moon was so clear from my front seat on the bus…a bit brownish, almost a half moon. I don’t know why but the first thing that came to my mind as I laid eyes on that magnificent thing was The Nightmare Before Christmas. I could only imagine myself riding a bike (my own version of a Santa’s sleigh), flying so close to that warm July moon; although I have never ridden a bike nor have I watched the Nightmare Before Christmas till the end (this would change by the time this is published).

The scene was simply amazing and the thing that made it so…the surprisingly warm sense of familiarity that swept over me. For the two minutes I had been gazing at the moon, the whole world felt familiar, nothing felt strange or eerie or scary. The world felt the same way it did twenty years ago when I was five and everything was safe and cozy.

For the two minutes I had been gazing at the moon, I was magically teleported to a warm sleepover at my aunt’s where all of us, the family kids tucked into our cute pajamas, stayed up on the balcony drinking milk tea, marveling at the moon, counting the stars, saluting the passengers on every plane…dreaming!



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