IV: I Came. I Saw…Fireworks!


Tuesday, September 20th

I have never been a big fan of fireworks, which I know is something humanity isn’t used to (everyone loves fireworks, I know). Well, they’re cool and all but *counts on fingers*, they’re too loud, too fire-y and if you’re not in a place where you can see them but still hear the noise (which is inevitable most of the time), they’re pretty scary!! Confetti, on the other hand, is colorful, peaceful, noiseless, fireless and pretty cheerful. I call them Fireworks 2.0: The Cute Version!

But today, I got to experience a whole new side of fireworks, a beautiful side actually.

We were having that big celebration at work; you know that kind of events that’s inexplicably fancy and too inconsiderably intimidating for a veteran introvert like myself. Anyway, they had a whole fireworks show planned out… all kinds of fireworks were set off for about 10 minutes, maybe 15 even, with some clichéd soundtrack playing in the background. Two minutes into the show and I was bored already (not to mention the neck ache that started to kick in from looking up…man, I’m getting old!). So, I started to look around in hopes I could find another bored comrade amongst the crowd…NONE! Instead, I got to see something that I could have never imagined would be so beautiful; I got to see faces.

You’ll never believe it but people’s faces change as they’re watching fireworks; they become…inspiring; all lit up by the soaring flames, wide-eyed with childish fascination. Everyone isn’t smiling their normal grown-up smile but rather an amazed smile; the kind of smile you get to see on a kid’s face every time they set foot in an amusement park (unless they suffer from chronic motion sickness like me then maybe it’s their candy shop/beach/trampoline smile).

The whole scene was…graceful. It was so graceful that I’d totally forgotten about the painfully horrible day I was having for a whole 10 minutes. Watching those familiar faces getting even more beautiful gave me ten minutes of sheer peace; a blessing that I could never be grateful enough for. Watching those familiar faces blissfully light up gave me ten minutes of hope; a tender bat on the shoulder on such a rainy day.

I may not be a big fan of fireworks; neither will I be (man, they’re freaking scary!), but I’m never ever missing a chance to watch a face watching fireworks.

A standing ovation to Matt Popovich of Washington, DC for taking the beautiful shot and sharing it on unsplash.com


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