V: I Came. I Saw…Bob Dylan!


Thursday, October 13th,2016

Another normal day at the office; same cubicles, same work routine, end-of-week vibes of exhaustion, you know, the usual. I’m at my desk chatting with a couple of colleagues…we discuss the whole concept of creativity and its association to addictive stimulants; toying with the “would you rather be a super creative addict or a sober creative mediocre” catch-22 and someone mentions Bob Dylan. As you may know, there has been some claims that he was a heroin addict, some even tend to believe a lot of references to his addiction were made in his lyrics, but that’s not the point. The point is,I full-heartedly believe that you can’t speak of modern geniuses and not think of Bod Dylan…as far as I’m concerned (not that my opinion matters in any way), the guy is the greatest Folk musician to ever set foot on planet Earth.

We wrap up the conversation, go back to our sulking computers and a minute later, I receive a notification on my phone: “Breaking News: Bob Dylan wins the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature!”

Perplexed for a minute, trying to take the cosmic coincidence in, I run to my colleague’s desk breaking the news to him leaving him in as much fascination at how the art of serendipity works as I am. I then text a friend, break the news to her and start blabbering about how happy I am. I IM friends from work, tell them the great news (which just about none of them found great in any way because they simply didn’t know who Bob Dylan was), I automatically start introducing the guy, right after I give them a brutal episode of reprimand on how outrageous it is not to know who Bob Dylan is, I start recommending songs. I then text my friend again telling her I was genuinely happy and I had no idea why!

And it was true… as soon as I read the news alert on my phone, a wave of pure happiness swept over me leaving me in an uncanny state of serenity. And for the rest of the day, I was smiling ear-to-ear feeling content at how graceful the world can be!

And before you say anything, I’m aware of how crazy this sounds. I mean, I’ve never met Bob Dylan before, we aren’t related and as far as we know, there’s a 50-50 chance the guy isn’t half as graceful a human as a musician and hence it doesn’t make any sense I’m that happy for him as if he was a friend or a family member.

But what you don’t know is that the past few months have been very VERY rough…I have been lonely (despite all the great people I happen to have in my life). I have been confused, frustrated, disappointed. And one of the few things that made every day tolerable, and even beautiful for minutes, was Bob Dylan’s music. When life got tough, I would turn on Mr. Tambourine Man and life wouldn’t seem so harsh anymore. When I felt alone or thought there was no hope left with humanity, The Times They’re A-Changin’would play and remind me there’s always fellow humanoids out there who care about the world. Actually, and as lame or irrational as it may sound, Dylan’s voice alone, his harmonica, every guitar string he pulled made the world a bit more tolerable. So yes, I do have every right to be so happy when the guy receives such recognition.

And God, it’s people like Bod Dylan who remind me of how much I have always wished I was an artist…how great it would have been if I could make someone’s day better, restore their faith in the beauty of the world and the grace of its inhabitants only with a few guitar strings, some brush strikes, a ninety-minute motion picture or even a two-hundred-page book!

God bless every artist out there; musicians, writers, actors, painters, comedians, street performers, directors, poets…God bless them all for being the eternal guardians of beauty!

And thank you, Bob Dylan, for giving me, and the world, another happy day!


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