Another Passenger Song…and Fear!


Passenger has this great song called “Home”…one of its most beautiful verses goes like:

They say fear is for the brave

For cowards never stare it in the eye

So am I fearless to be fearful

Does it take courage to learn how to cry

Fear is a mysterious thing. Some say it gets you moving forward, others think it does nothing but hinders you, puts heavy shackles around your wrists and ankles…so heavy that it’s impossible for you to move an inch further. Some even might go as far as believing fear to be the only reason the human species is not extinct yet; proposing the hypothesis that what we call the “survival instinct” is nothing but sheer fear.

And what’s even more uncanny is how everyone is always scared of something; well, everyone I know at least. And, the older we get, the more complicated it gets…as children, we are only scared of Boogey Man and the monster under the bed. We then go to school and exam scores become way scarier than all members of the Halloween Monster Assembly combined together (yes, I just made up this Halloween Monster Assembly). Going into our teenage years, we’re scared of bullies, being treated as the odd one out, not to mention being rejected by our very first crush. A couple of years later, we’re only too scared of not being admitted to our dream college (the one that ironically and 99% of the time turns out to be completely wrong for us). We go to college, and we’re scared of the big wide world waiting for us after graduation. But then we graduate…

Three years into post-graduate life, I can assure you that you’ll still be as scared of the world as you were back in college…as a matter of fact, as you hit your early twenties, you’re scared of just about everything you’ve been scared of your entire life; including Boogie Man! But the scariest thing, the thing that is so scary it can keep you up at night, keep you from moving forward, from chasing after your dreams, well, is getting hurt!

When you’re 25 years old, the scariest thing in the whole universe is the pain you have from a broken heart. And ironically enough, when you’re 25 years old, anything, and I mean anything, can break your heart leaving you worn out and in cosmic agony. Every rejection letter, every “No”, every “Wait, have you put on a bit of weight?”, every “Maybe we should just stay friends”, every “Maybe you should try harder next time” can literally break your heart. To be honest, I’m not sure if it’s only us who happen to be a sensitive generation, not that I believe that it’s just a matter of sensitivity, or if we’ve been through a lot of disappointments that we can’t take any more letdowns. But what I know for sure is that such cosmic fear has gotten some of us so badly that they are too scared to try or to be more accurate, at different points in everybody’s life, the fear of getting hurt is so huge we don’t wanna move a limb forward.

And just so you know, this is not a lecturing piece on how you shouldn’t let fear stop you from living because you can’t simply give lectures on something that you’re clueless on; unless you’re a politician then that’s a completely different story!

Maybe it’s a cry for help, a shout-out to every brave humanoid out there leading a fight against their darkest fears or maybe it’s a call for solidarity.  Or maybe I just happened to like this Passenger song so much and, as usual, wanted to share my crazy/no-good thoughts on it.

Bottom-line is, we’re all scared and that’s what makes us all brave!

A large Pumpkin Spice Latte to Boris Stefanik for taking the awesome picture and sharing it on


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